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    Upholstery Cleaning

    Cleanliness is next to godliness they say, and the living room of our house could not be an exception. As a place of relaxation, rest, play with our family, but also a place of social events, it hosts many hours of our daily lives.
    Therefore, the burden that can be borne on a daily basis is enormous. Pollution from dust, exhaust from our clothes, food scraps, stains from children's accidents or from our favorite pets, are just a few of the things that burden our sofas every day. And these are just what we see with the naked eye. What we do not see is that our sofa is an invisible storehouse of mites, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that are inside. All these reasons contribute to the wear of the fabric, which slowly loses its original texture and appearance, the colors become duller, and at the same time as time goes by it becomes more and more unhealthy.
    For these reasons, cleaning it both externally and internally is an urgent need. It is a process that requires experience, expertise, professional products and appropriate equipment. Choosing home solutions and much cheaper professional cleaning solutions can have inferior, if not catastrophic, results. The technician who will take over your sofa must be able to identify the fabric of your sofa in order to select the appropriate detergents as well as the most appropriate cleaning method.
    Combining with our vastt experience and constantly updated technological equipment, make us the ideal choice to give you and your family a clean and healthy environment!

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Larje kendi : 5.000 leke
    Larje karrigesh : 150 - 300 leke
    Larje Dyshek dopio : 3.000 leke
    Larje Dyshek tek: 2.000 leke
    Larje Dyshek bebesh : 1.000 leke

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